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carlisle cullen

June 2012

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“It fits.” He said casually. I took it off and let it fall into his open hand. He had a half smile on his face. Was something up? What else did Alice see?

“So . . . did Alice see something that might happen some time?” I asked casually. He looked sharply at me, that I looked down at the very interesting napkin. He seemed to hesitate before he some what shook his head with a ‘yes’.

I looked up see clearly at him. His lips were thinning up. Some was diffidently was up. On the other thing is why did he kept his once wife’s ring? Was he getting married again? Did he found his true lover finally? These questions I wish I could ask but sadly can’t. I frowned with concentration on something entirely different.

Is . . . this a date? I thought to my self. Why did he pick me? I’m just a normal person that is really clumsily. I get abused and raped almost every living day of my life. What’s so special about me?

I suddenly felt cold. Numb even. What does he see in me? I was distracted as the food came in front of me. I quickly began to eat it. He looked at me, above his hands that were laid on top of each other while his elbows were on the table.

Once I was done eating, we left to get into his car. Once I was in the car, he was already in there. So what are we going to do now? He looked ahead for a few moments before the cell phone suddenly rang, causing us to jump in surprised.

He picked it up.

“Yes. Dr. Cullen is here. What can I help you?” he asked. He blinked. Then frowned a little before talking very fast back to who ever it was on the phone. He broke off then started again before he hanged up.

“So . . . where do you like to go?” he asked me. I blinked. So this is a date kind of thing. I guess. I shrugged.

“What is the plan?” I asked him. He smiled before I found me self being speed off into the nothing else.


“C’mon. It’s obvious that we are going to a driveway theater. But what movie?” I asked, for he kept smiling. I like it when ever he does do it. We were sitting in the car in front a big screen. It was outdoors and there were speakers nearby us. I scooted closer to him and let my head rest on his shoulder as we both waited for the movie to start.

He seemed to hesitate, before, slowly he slide his arm around me. I sighed as the movie started with a title on the screen that I didn’t expect.

“I don’t know what kind of movie you would like, so I picked something I thought you might like . . .” he said softly.

I smiled. I didn’t mind at all that I was about to watch Pride and Prejudice. I like this movie, no scratch that out. I LOVE Pride and Prejudice. I love the music in it. Especially when the theme will come on.

“I really like this movie.” I said, as a genuine smile slide on my face. He smiled also as we continued to watch it also. I listened to the music in it. Mostly trying to listen the notes to see if I could play a particular instrument. A piano was one of them but there was another one that I listening closely too.

“Do you play an instrument?” asked Carlisle, out of the blue. I looked at him. Just WHAT did Alice saw?! I nodded.

“What do you play?” he asked with curiosity in his voice. I swallowed.

“A piano.” I said. It was part of the truth. There was more than one instrument. He did say ‘Do you play an instrument?’.

He nodded.

“Edward plays a piano also. Do just play music, or compose and play music?” asked Carlisle. I frowned a little. I try to compose it but always lose my nerves in the end, just once when I put my finger to play a note.

“I try to compose, but I lose my courage in it once I try it.” I said. He nodded.

“At least you try it.” he said. I nodded.

I watched as the main character that was the woman try to do everything right, but was stopped by Mr. Durcy, who was saying this to her to do it right.

“Did they really do that back then?” I asked. Carlisle nodded, looking slightly grimed about it.

“Back then, they were stricter about being good around people. If anyone was joking out of the blue, a riot will start, and people will be punished by a slap of a ruler or a hand.” said Carlisle.

I grimaced also, thinking about my father cutting my back and slapping when I didn’t heat the food more for him when I thought it was all right to me. I shivered. I froze. I looked up to see Carlisle’s face looking at mine.

“Cold?” he asked. I shook me head. His eyes narrowed slightly but let it pass. – Or I think he did. I felt his hand left my shoulder, and was replaced with a blanket. He put it on my body and I immediately pulled it closer to me after saying a soft ‘thank you’ to him. His hand was back to my shoulder pulling me closer to him.

We were watching when that same woman was in that field, and that man was walking toward her from afar. She looked at him and waited for him to walk to her. He was in front of her and was saying something that I wasn’t listening to it but the music.

A cold hand gently pulled my face from the screen, to look at Carlisle’s face. I blinked. I looked spectacularly to him, waiting for what he had to say. He didn’t say anything, for he leaned closer to me.