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carlisle cullen

June 2012

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I swirled around to see –

Carlisle putting his coat on my back. As he leaned against the door, I was going to put on my pajamas. I was in the closet dressing into my pajamas. I peeked out to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. I wasn’t. I too could see Carlisle’s charcoal black eyes moved toward me.

Weren’t his eyes gold? I thought.

There was loud knocking and slamming on the door to the opposite of Carlisle. It seemed to go on for some time as I sat on the floor due to the soreness after the rapping I have endured in my life. I could feel the burning spots of Carlisle’s eyes on me. I peeked at him. His eyes were inky jet black now.

“He’s the one that was rapping you.” He said. It wasn’t a question. Nor was it a said. It was like a fact to him. Like he knew about it for a long time.

This world will never be

I looked straight ahead not looking at him or anything in that matter. Why should I? Wait a sec – how did he get in here? Oh. Right. The window.

“Did you at least tell anybody? Is your mother still a live or is she . . .” he asked.

What I expected.

I nodded my head. I did tell her about dad but she didn’t really say anything back to make me feel better. She acted like I didn’t say anything and was going on about Phil. Stupid Phil.

The world is busy. Everybody is busy doing what they wanted to do and not think of anybody but themselves. They can’t think of somebody else ‘cause they want to do what they want to do. No body cares about me. Why should he waste his time worrying about me? I am nothing. I am clumsy and I can not do anything right. I don’t belong here. Should I start cutting my self? And then again Carlisle probably catches me before I could put the blade to my skin.

And if I don’t belong.

“How long? Bella, how long had this been happening?” Carlisle asked as he was crouching down to look at the wounds that were formed into ‘x’ on one of my arms. I couldn’t say but held up my hand to shape it into a ‘five’.

His eyes flashed with anger.

Maybe we can turn it around

“That’s how long the rapping started?” he asked with an edge in his voice. I shook my head.

“When?” he asked.

Again, still not able to talk, I held up my fingers to form a ‘thirteen’ in the air. He growled so low that I almost missed it. I couldn’t see his pupil at all.

Cause it’s not too late

“Do you want me to kill him?” he fired off. I sighed.

“Only knock him out. Don’t kill him.” I said as I looked at the ground. Suddenly the door was thrown open and to my horror to see dad in the hall way. And then again, why would I be? Oh. The lock was not locked.

Carlisle was gone immediately and knocked him out by crashing a beer on his head. Dad fell to the floor like a log. He snored really loud before making soft snoring noises. Carlisle went into the bathroom and got back with a towel. He covered dad’s almost naked body with the said towel. He walked back in my room and sat next to me.

“So the abuse started when you were five years old?” he asked. I nodded. I froze and tensed up – waiting for his rage against me. Instead I was met to his arms sliding around me and pulling me into a hug.  I heard a soft sigh above my head.

“We will get through this, Bella. I will do anything in my power to save you.” said Carlisle as he pulled me closer to him. For what happened today and when I was with Carlisle, only a thought came up to my head.

‘I hope so too ‘cause I love you’

I closed my eyes as the day crashed onto me. I was asleep in the blissful of the darkness around me.

It’s never too late

Carlisle Pov

I quickly ran to Bella’s house after getting out of the hospital. I could feel it. Something. Something bad will happen soon. I felt the phone ring. I only took a glance at it and to see ‘Alice’ name flashing through my lab coat. I was gone before anything else could happen.

I crawled up the tree, and leaped through the window, and froze. What I saw was . . . a bleeding Bella running – well limping – in the room and tried to closed the door. She was pushing the door into the frame. I cursed a couple of colorful langue quickly while I ripped off my lab coat and flung it onto Bella’s back. While she turned around, I leaned against the door to shove it into its frame.

She quickly went into her closet. After a few moments, her head poked out to see if she was seeing something I guess, before fully stepping out and sat down.

/Right after Bella falls asleep/

I looked down at her. She looked exhausted when she sat down didn’t talk that much. She has a right to be. She must have been doing chores and getting abused and raped almost every day. Does she ever think of running away? I guess she does. I hope she does cause if she don’t I know what I’ll do. Kill her father. Plan out an accident thing. Anything to get her away from harm.

My hand went through her dark locks of hair slowly as I thought through out the night.