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carlisle cullen

June 2012

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17 Something That I Can’t Come Up With


I woke up suddenly to see Carlisle’s face near mine. What happened? Of course I remembered last night but How come he is still here? Isn’t he supposed to go to the hospital?

“I was right when I thought your father will break in last night.” said Carlisle, thoughtfully. “When are you going to runaway?”

“H – Huh? Sorry?” I stuttered as I tried to get the words through my head. ‘Runaway?’

I all ways thought of a runway for fun but never really did it because I knew I would get caught in a mater of days. I knew for one thing for sure. You can out run a police car. But you can’t out run their radio system. That’s the down side of life.

He was giving me a thoughtful look.

“It seemed that you have thought of it more than once. Am I correct?” he asked for I nodded as he picked me off the bed and began to walk toward the window. I instantly became alert as he opened the window up.

“Wait! School!” I said but stopped myself so I won’t get myself hurt as I already am. He looked at me for a split second before nodding slowly before letting my feet met the ground.

“Fine . . . If you think you can get through the day . . .” said Carlisle as he watch me get into the closet and locked it. I heard a chuckle.

X  /37 minutes later/

I was climbing out of my old truck and looked in the back of the truck for my homework. I thought I heard a familiar voice from far away, as I looked across the street to see Carlisle talking to Edward, and Alice. I smiled at him as he caught my eye, before I went back into homework hunting. Just as I found it, I heard some yelling and screaming from all around me. I looked around to look right in front of me was a van swerving out of control.

Have you ever seen something? Something that you can’t even explain? Well, that’s what happened. I can’t really explain it. It happened so slow that I still remembered it like it was yesterday.

I watched as Carlisle Cullen run right for me and caught me in his arms as he used his other hand in front of him to push the car away from us. As he did, it dented the side of the car, itself. It came back toward us before Carlisle pushed it away, making it come to a complete halt beside us. I stared at him – at the man that saved me from the terrible fate that could have gotten me if it was more him – Carlisle. His face was near mine as he looked at the ground that was past my shoulder. He paused before letting himself to see if I was shocked or something. I could see something like calm and yet very faintly – almost undetectable – fear shinning through his eyes. He pulled me up gently from the ground. What ground? How did I get there? He put me into a sitting position on the cold snowed up ground. I couldn’t do anything. I looked to my left to look at Carlisle. Before I could stop myself – I said what was in my mind the whole time.

“How did you get here so fast?” I asked, barely above a whisper. He took a sharp look at me. His eyes flashed with disbelief at what I said.

“I was standing near enough to get you out of the way, Bella.” He said calmly. His face hardens. I shook my head.

“You were across the street talking to Edward and Alice. I saw you there!” I said. He shook his head, as he began to see how big of a bump that I have on the back of my head.

“Please . . . I will explain later . . . just don’t say anything about this . . . either way nobody will believe you.” He said only low enough for only me to hear as people began to form around us, both cry, some yelling at us.

Carlisle got to his feet, and then turning toward me, he picked me up from the ground in one sweep of his arms. He walked through the crowd carrying me to his car putting me into the passenger’s seat. He was in his seat before I could move around. He started the car, and before he drove off to the hospital.

I looked at Carlisle closely. Why he is suddenly looked guilty?

“I messed up. You messed up. We both messed up. Sorry.” He muttered as he looked straight forward toward the road. I was blank.

“So had you figured it out yet?” he asked. I looked at him, confused.

“What are you talking about?” I asked him.

“I run faster than an averaged human. You never see me eat anything. Or at least Edward and Alice and the others. And it seems that I can push a van away from you, and leaving a dint in it for some odd reason. Anything so far?” he asked. I stared at him.

Yes. He was different from people like me. But what is he getting at? Does he have radio active superpowers? Maybe that’s why Edward could read minds and Alice could see the future, and Carlisle could heal people with saliva. Was I that blind? I guess so.

“You have superpowers?” I asked him. He nodded his head.

“I all ready told you that. What else?” he asked. I looked around.

“You have radio active things?” I asked. He shook his head.

“You don’t eat. You run faster. You are stronger than you look. You can even starve to death! Uhhh . . . I have no idea instead of a spirit or a ghost? But I don’t think that is it because you are solid. Oh. You are paler than me. You all have dark shadows under your eyes. And you all have golden eyes that do get creepy if everybody from your family – plus you – looks at anybody when you are hungry and growling like an animal. Yeah. So you’re a . . . person. Just an extraordinary person that have superpowers that we can’t really explain.” I said. He looked at me with a kind of put down kind of look. I think I did miss the answer.

“You were almost there until when you said a ‘person’.” He said with a sigh. “I don’t sleep.”

“What?” I said. I think I missed something. “At all?”

He nodded. He looked like he was laughing at a private joke. He suddenly looked sober. 

“How can I break this to you but . . . I’m . . .” he trailed off as his eyes glanced at me slowly before looking at the stops lights just as it turned green. “. . . Dangerous . . .”

“Oh. I get it now.” I said as it dawned upon me. He was dangerous. He did tried to show it too me with out shocking me big deal. But it didn’t turn out right. He had shown it when he stopped the van from hitting me. He looked slightly surprised as he glanced at my – now – pale face.

“You do?” he asked. I could barely trace of urgency in his voice, along with an edge to it. “What am I?”