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carlisle cullen

June 2012

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Predator & Prey Chapter One

Summary: Bella injures herself once more and is sent to the hospital where she meet Carlisle Cullen, a gorgeous doctor that intrigues her. She isn't sure why, but he wants to find out more about Carlisle Cullen.

Pairings: Carlisle/Bella, Edward/Esme, Rose/Emmett and Alice/Jasper

Bella's POV

To say I was surprised when I tripped up the stairs and hit my head should be an understatement. I had only been in Forks for two days, barely unpacked and I had to injure myself. All I could feel was pain, a blinding pain that surged through my temple. I groaned and pressed fingers to where it hurt the most and pulled back. Blood covered my fingertips, my stomach churned slightly and I stumbled down the stairs. I grabbed a towel and pressed it to my head and my keys. Charlie wasn't home because he was working, trying to make a living for two people instead of one now. I slowly trudged to my pick up that I oh so dearly love and rolled the engine over. I, unfortunately made my way to Forks General trying not to kill myself on the way. I pulled into an available parking spot and made my way into the walk in care section all the while pressing the towel to my bleeding wound. I approached the reception desk and cleared my throat. A perky blonde named "Jodi" looked up at me and smiled.

"Can I help you?" She asked and I inwardly rolled my eyes. No, I'm just going to stand here and let my head bleed out into this towel I thought bitterly.

"I kind of need to see a doctor," I snapped quickly. She nodded and handed me a clip board explaining that I have to fill out the correct forms and all that jazz. I took it and sat down, attempting to fill the paper out, but found kind of hard because my vision kept blurring. Who the fuck makes a person with a head gash wait?/i> Seconds later, my name was called by a nurse with straight blonde hair and large blue eyes. Are all they hire here is blonde bimbos?</i>

"You can, like follow me," the nurse said and snapped her gum before turning on her heal and walking down a sterile white hallway. I quickly followed her as she led me into a plane white room.

"Dr. Cullen will be with you shortly." By the way she said Dr. Cullen's name you'd think he was actually maybe cute. Ha, a cute doctor? It seemed like forever, but the door opened slowly and I felt myself eat my own words. There in front of me stood the most inhumanly beautiful being I had ever laid eyes on. His golden hair glistened in the light making his pale white skin stand out. What made me lose my breath for a second though was his eyes. They were like honey gold, with specks of black in them.

"Hello Isabella, I am Doctor Carlisle Cullen." His voice was like music to me, so beautiful. That seemed to be the only word to describe him, beautiful.

"I...uh..." Great, now I am making myself look like a complete idiot. He looked down at his chart and looked back up. giving me the most gorgeous smile that I had ever seen.

"So we have a head wound that needs to be taken care of?" He asked and I dumbly nodded. He set his clipboard down and quickly washed himself up before pulling his rubber gloves on. Slowly, he approached me, a small smirk on his face. He put his hand on my wrist and I gasped. He had really cold hands.

"Just trying to get a look at your wound Isabella." He said, his voice more alluring when he was closer. It then hit me, his scent. It was like cinnamon and sugar mixed with saw dust, it was erotically enticing. I barely noticed what he was doing with all the emotions racing through me. He placed his hand on the side of my face and I couldn't help, but lean in slightly. He smiled softly and me and pushed my hair away to get a closer look at my gash. I took in every detail I could see. His face, his neck and his eyes. God his eyes made me aroused beyond belief. Wait though, weren't they gold not black? The fuck?

"Isabella, I believe you need stitches." I flinched slightly at the word and he ran his finger down my cheek.

"No need to cringe, it won't hurt that much." I couldn't help, but believe him.

"Uh Dr, Cullen may I asked you a question?" I asked and he smiled at me and nodded.

"Your eyes, aren't they gold?" I felt stupid asking him, but I was curious.

"They are gold by nature yes, but let me tell you a little something. Do you believe that your body can perform things based on your emotion?" I nodded, slowly trying to understand why he was asking me this.

"Well I suppose you could say my eyes do that." That was all he said before applying what he called a "topical anesthetic" and began stitching me up.

Authors Note: Alright, I am new at writing Carlisle/Bella and I hope you forgive me for any mistakes I have made.

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